When we reach the topic in an essay but it is critical to understand this difference because in the first case we are supposed to explain through an essay about FDI and its current status in India whereas in the second topic we are supposed to analyze the good points of FDI as well as the bet bad points of FDI and thereafter persuade the reader towards one side whichever side that you feel is correct so the idea when the second topic is to persuade the reader ok so you must always understand that when you are looking at an essay the first thing you have to notice what does the essay ask you do is it a persuasion based essay or is it an explanation based assay ok so that’s the first thing now coming to the evaluation an essay looks to evaluate primarily three things in a student.

The first of course is content your general knowledge your current awareness your opinions on a given topic and as well as your objectivity of opinions okay now your general knowledge and your current awareness you need to build for all the evaluation steps in the next one month okay so whether it is the P I or the GD or the essay you need to build up current affairs knowledge for all of them okay so that’s that need not be fed need not be said anymore I believe but your objectivity of opinion now what do I mean by this now on every such topic so again if we go back to this topic FDI in India good or bad the reader would like to know your opinion so in the sense what do you feel about FBI in India as well as whether you can objectively talk about write my essay nz both sides would like you to objectively analyze the good points of FDA or the good things which FDI has brought about as well as some negative effects for FDA in every question mark waste topic in every persuasion waste topic a student is supposed to be objective is supposed to analyze both side of the topic pros and cons before taking a final view before reaching the conclusion before taking a stand so the objectivity of your opinion is very important it is tested and looked for by the panel.

So every person asian-based topic you have to persuade the reader yes but before coming to your opinion before taking a stand you have to objectively analyze both sides of the picture okay so please remember that objectivity is very important so that’s about content you must have content and you must be able to objectively analyze that content best way now how do you build this content it’s very easy to say you must have content but how do you build this content see it’s no different than probably what you’ve been hearing or and what you’ve been doing in terms of your preparation for your pie and your CDs you need to read a lot you need to read newspapers you need to read magazines you need to buy a yearbook maybe you need to prepare your content from as many number of sources as possible.