Think of your admission as a report a professional report to the admissions committee so one of the things that students say to me is how important is this essay they want to know how much it quote unquote counts and I put that in parentheses because sometimes students think like there’s a point system you’re going to get ten points for this in ten points for this and if you end up with 60-year admitted I assure you it doesn’t work that way but let me tell you this essay there are going to be other applicants who have your grades they’re going to be other applicants who have your GRE scores they’re going to be other applicants who have had great research experiences at their home institution or somewhere else and great letters of recommendation so when all other issues are equal personal statement becomes even more important because it is your remaining opportunity to shine and show what your new unique virtues are so why should they pick you over someone. Improve your admission and your chances with Robotdon.

Well that’s why how will your right is critically important if you think well and right well we know you think well if you think well but you don’t get it into words we don’t know that so the big challenge also is what are you going to write about and how are you going to write about it so it’s really important first to get organized and we’re going to talk about that but I want to go a little bit more first into just the whole concept of how you write about research so students are drawn sometimes it’s human it’s normal to say well what do I want to what do I want them to know about me but actually there are things that the admissions committee needs to hear and what you want to know is whether you’re thinking like the admissions committee and quite frankly i’m here to tell you that ok so the scientific method is a way to think its analytical thinking its deductive reasoning.

If you write about your research and say I did protein crystallography this will help people make well become wealth I have no idea what that means so you have to speak and write like a scientist what did you do what did you find and why is it important everybody’s sitting on this admissions committee is the scientist so any scientist you tell me something I say well how did you do that what were your findings I can’t tell you how many students leave out the findings that’s the most interesting part also here for those who are interested in an md/phd the scientific method teaches analytical thinking which is also the basis of differential diagnosis so I can’t tell you how many medical students pre-med students I’ve advised and they said well I don’t want to put in about my research because I don’t want to be a scientist well you better be a thinker and what the scientific method teaches is analytical thinking and that is the basis for differential diagnosis.